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With moving day fast approaching, you’re understandably under a lot of stress. You still have a lot of packing to do, switch over your utilities, change your mailing address, and so on. In the week or two leading up to the big day, there are many important things you have to take care of in order to ensure a smooth move. Here are some of them:

1. Change Your Address

About two weeks before the move, change your address with the U.S. Postal Service. Check out this helpful change of address form to get started. By doing this ahead of time, you ensure there will be no gap in service.

2. Cancel Subscriptions

One month before your move, cancel subscriptions. These are costing you money every month that could be better spent elsewhere. Get rid of those magazine subscriptions and gym memberships that you don’t need, as those recurring charges can add up. If your gym has a 30-day cancellation period, do it earlier rather than later.

3. Set up Automatic Payments

Set up auto withdrawals from your checking account that correspond with your new home. This can include anything from mortgage and car payments to credit card and utility payments. Be sure to update your billing information online for an easy transition.

4. Take Photos of Electronics

You’ll likely have trouble hooking up all the electronics in your new home. Whether you have video game consoles and computers to TVs and modems, take pictures of the wiring before you disassemble them. This will provide you with an easier frame of reference later when you face that jumble of wires. In fact, why not nix that jumble in the first place? Pack all wires, connectors, plugs and hand-held consoles neatly and label them with masking or painter’s tape.

5. Change/Update Car Insurance

Two weeks before moving, notify your car insurance company to tell them where you are moving. Ask about your coverage to ensure it is still meeting your needs. This is important because over the years, you will experience growth and changes in your family. Maybe you have a teen new to driving, or perhaps you would like to add more or less coverage for your family. Ask your agent regarding any changes in coverage, rates and deadlines that may have occurred.

6. Get Organized

Moving day will be crazy. You want to be well organized so you can tell the movers exactly what to take and where it will go. Label all boxes with the corresponding room. Be ready for your movers when they arrive by having all boxes and furniture ready to go. This will make everything go quicker. On a hot day, cool drinks for your hard-at-work movers are always appreciated!

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